Restaurant Review: Filmore & Union, Victoria Quarter Leeds

A part of this blog will be devoted to reviewing cafe’s and restaurants. For the first review, I ate lunch at Filmore & Union in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds.

Moroccan Chicken Courgetti with Mango

I ordered the Moroccan Chicken Salad with Courgetti and Mango, and the Courgette Pasta mains.Both dishes looked absolutely stunning when they arrived at the table, dressed with edible flowers. The Courgette Pasta was lovely – it was bursting with fresh, summery flavours. Although the Moroccan Chicken Salad was nice, it was slightly bland. It came swimming in a miscellaneous, pale-coloured dressing, which I found a bit off-putting. Nonetheless, both of these dishes offered a lovely alternative to a cold salad, and were very satisfying. I definitely want to return and sample some more of their offerings, which is a good sign.

Filmore & Union is not the cheapest, with mains costing between £9 and £11.But if you’re a fan of healthy living, it is definitely worth a visit. Especially if you’re into juices. I had a freshly pressed apple juice, and it was delightful. Such establishments remain rare in the north of England. So I hope the success Filmore has enjoyed recently will encourage other, similar eateries to emerge.

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