Review: The Living Food Kitchen Rawnola

I tried something new for breakfast this morning: Rawnola! Specifically, the Living Food Kitchen’s Rawnola.

Verdict: I would eat this again, but I will try making my own first.

Rawnola, Banana and Greek Yogurt
Rawnola, Banana and Greek Yogurt

I follow a few raw vegans on Instagram, and am always intrigued by their breakfast creations. Although recipes differ, it is often made using only oats or buckwheat with dried fruits and nuts. I love making healthy food that uses simple ingredients, so Rawnola was an obvious choice for me. But before I had the chance to some of my own, I came across the Living Food Kitchen’s Raw Blueberry and Banana Granola in a small shop. Upon inspecting the label, I discovered that his particular Rawnola is made of Sprouted buckwheat, date paste (dates, filtered water, vanilla seeds), banana, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, golden linseeds and himalayan crystal salt. THAT’S IT! No nasties. So of course I couldn’t resist it (even though it cost an expensive £6 for 160grams – eek).

imageSo this morning I tucked in to a bowl of this Rawnola- served with a splash of almond milk, sliced banana, and Fage’s 0% Greek Yogurt – and jolly lovely it was too! It was chewy, crunchy, sweet and just the right amount of salty all at the same time! It reminded me of eating a Florentine. I must say it ate better after I smashed the Rawnola in to slightly smaller chunks with my spoon, and there was one moment when I thought I may have cracked a tooth on a particularly large, hard lump. That being said, I will definitely be going back for more of the Living Food Kitchen’s Rawnola.

Yet, ultimately, my enjoyment of this bowl further spurred my desire to make my own Rawnola. My aim is to recreate this Rawnola at a fraction of the cost! Indeed, there is currently a bowl of raw buckwheat soaking on my kitchen side, which I will drain and toast with a homemade date paste tomorrow morning.

So make sure you check in for an update on my progress! If it’s a success, I will share my own recipe!


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